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An Anaheim Apartment Community That Invites Well-Being

Health doesn’t just apply to the body, but to the mind as well. Everyone deserves a chance to unwind, to reduce the stresses that we experience every day through our hobbies, and to surround ourselves with our loved ones, and here at Alexan CTR City our luxury apartment community makes it easy to use that chance to its full potential, right from your own comfort zone.

To begin with, nothing quite says comfort to some folks than taking Fido with you on your morning walks, or by brushing the fur of Mr. Whiskers while you lounge on the sofa. Our luxury apartment community is completely pet friendly, with an onsite pet spa available to clean out their pelts and a large courtyard to play in. When summer rolls around, make the most of a clear blue sunny day by swimming in our resort...

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Serene Stress Relief in Our Anaheim Apartments

No one likes stress; true, a little pressure pushes us to persevere and work hard to achieve our goals, but too much can remove the joy of accomplishing tasks, defeating the purpose of your work in the first place....

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A2: Amazing One-Bedroom Apartments In Anaheim

True, any good apartment can have the space and the amenities you need to relax, but our luxury apartments in Anaheim at Alexan CTR City strive to be the best, so that you can feel right at home. We also offer...

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A Children’s Classic Come to Life in Anaheim

Almost everyone has grown up with Peanuts, whether through the classic comic strips in the weekly newspaper, the new film adaptation, or – perhaps the most famous example – the holiday shorts that play...

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Dive Deep into Luxury at Alexan CTR City

Dive Deep into Luxury at Alexan CTR City

A big move to a new city deserves an upgrade. Dive deep into luxury at Alexan CTR City luxury apartment homes in Anaheim, California. Comfortable means more than spacious layouts. Elevate your understanding of elegance. Luxury apartment features should make life easier. Enjoy a curated lifestyle, no matter the floorplan you choose. Wrap yourself in extravagance. Should your luxurious...

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