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Best in Class Apartment Amenities in Anaheim!

If you’ve ever been on the prowl for a new apartment, especially in California, then you know that, with all the options to choose from, the process can be a little overwhelming. With all the various community amenities, such as pools, gyms, and clubrooms, and so many floor plans to look over, especially if you’re looking for more than yourself. Location too can be a hard thing to find, as getting a place close to both work and things you like to do is a tough balancing act. However, as long as you can come home to wonderful apartment amenities, the small touches that make your home really shine, then it’s all worth it. Right? Here at Alexan CTR City in Anaheim, you won’t have to choose between the options: we provide them all! Our luxury Anaheim apartments are built to please,...

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The B1: Amazing Luxury Roommate Living in Anaheim

When searching for a new apartment, whether your first or merely your first foray into luxury living, it’s critical to examine each and every factor, especially situationally. If you’re looking for a place to...

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A Fun Shopping Center in Anaheim

Everyone has different reasons to go shopping: some people love to explore all the stores to find the best deals and fashions as a hobby, others avoid stores for as long as their wardrobe can weather it, and many others fall in between, shopping out of joy or necessity. Whatever your reasons may be, our luxury apartments at Alexan CTR City put you close to some of the best outlets and malls in...

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Laidback Lifestyles at Our Anaheim Apartments

True, an adult’s life is full of responsibilities and tasks that they are expected to complete every day on time, but it doesn’t mean that they need to be hectic. Here at Alexan CTR City, our luxury Anaheim...

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Anaheim Apartments

Anaheim Apartments with Amazing Kitchens

A home without a kitchen is just simply not a home. It’s the place where you make all your meals for the day, where you socialize with your loved ones over snacks or beverages, or where you experiment with your kid’s newest science project. Our luxury Anaheim apartments at Alexan CTR City have comfortable and easy amenities dotted all over, though none quite so prominent than in our dining...

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