Orange Roll & Sushi near Alexan CTR City

Orange Roll & Sushi near Alexan CTR City

Orange Roll & Sushi is the sushi roll lover’s dream come true. You can quickly eat your fill without emptying your pockets. When you are hosting your extended family for their Disneyland trip, and you need a go-to place for decent sushi, Orange Roll & Sushi is the place to go. Best of all, this fantastic sushi joint is steps away from your new home at Alexan CTR City. While the nieces, nephews, and cousins are at the Magic Kingdom, you can relax wrapped in luxury apartment amenities that make life comfortable. You can enjoy your space, regardless of the number of bedrooms you choose. Socializing with your new neighbors is always easy. Since you can always find a sunny day in Anaheim, you can enjoy indoor and outdoor community amenities great for mingling. Recruit your new neighbors to give you all the hot spots around town. Enjoy yourself tonight.

Orange Roll & Sushi

When you crave a burger, you have plenty of options. But when you desire a sushi roll, the possibilities are minimal. Lucky for you Orange Roll & Sushi is just steps from your new luxury apartment home. Their fans are talking, Randa J., shares, – “ORANGE YOU GLAD YOU WENT. I am… from a value perspective. Our family was hankering for some sushi and it could easily cost a pretty penny for our family of 5, but this place is a no frills, quick serve/fast food diner like establishment. We ordered the oh yeah and rainbow roll (wouldn’t recommend getting both of them at the same time bc they are both California roll centers and I like variety), salmon roll for the girls and a salmon bento box to share and we were satisfied. The California roll centers were good. Fish was tender, tasted fresh and the serving was generous.”

Satisfy your craving for sushi rolls at Orange Roll & Sushi steps from your door at Alexan CTR City, luxury apartment homes in Anaheim.

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