Pokinometry Sushi Restaurant in Anaheim

Pokinometry Sushi Restaurant in Anaheim

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Southern California Poki

Find fish as unique as the name at Pokinometry Sushi Restaurant. In their own words “The Orgins of Poke come from Hawaii. The word Poke actually means to “section” or “to slice or cut”. Poke comes in all different types of fish, ranging from different types of Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp, Octopus and more. PokiNometry has pioneered and innovated the way we serve Poke today. PokiNometry allows you to customize your bowl any way you want it and added the Japanese essence of sushi. Poke + Sushi and named it Poki…Our ingredients to your Poki bowl is prepared fresh everyday so that we ensure the highest quality. Below is a quick look at our Poki assembly line.   Many competitors have tried to copy, but no one has come close to the freshness and flavorful bowl that PokiNometry delivers day in and day out.” Treat yourself and your friends to something delicious.

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